Electro/Disco Composer/Remix Artist.

Finally posting my new remix of “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar.

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Just finished my new track “Ménage”, check it and if you’re into tell your mates!

First original pop track I've done in over a year, hope you enjoy!

Here’s a new remix I did of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s awesome Paradisco. Hope you enjoy it and if you do please tell your friends.

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Here’s a remix I did of Yelle’s deadly track Comme Un Enfant

Here’s another electro/disco remix I finished. It’s of Wild Birds by amazing French Band Minitel Rose.

I loved the original but didn’t feel it was heavy enough so I made this remix to get it to the point that it could be played in a club. Check it out / download it below. Also if you’re on Soundcloud and like my music follow me!

Just finished a remix of Toes by Lights .

The remix is an Electro-Disco remix and the idea was to create a club-ready version of Lights’ track rather than completely rewriting a new track from pieces of the original. I felt the original worked really well and I simply focussed on making it heavier and more danceable. I really liked the vocals and so decided to use them to create the space alongside some of the percussive materials. Also, I decided that the vocal should remain the focus of the track. With this in mind, the rest of the sound materials were chosen to create a kind of aggressive, though controlled, clean and pleasing sound world to support the vocals though never detracting from them. The finished track is short, densely programmed and poundy whilst still allowing the vocal to shine through.